Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Cafe Offers Old World Traditions In A New World Setting

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A look at the pasta bar and deli inside Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Cafe.

Jennifer Douheret, Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Cafe

Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Café is a unique and local café that fuses International delicacies, treasures and Old World hospitality with a modern and comfy atmosphere.

Clementine first started off as a small patisserie.

“We didn’t have a proper-sized kitchen and seating area,” said owner Jennifer Douheret, “We out-grew our location after only seven months.”

In a new location with more space, Jennifer, a Californian who grew up in Naples, Italy, and her French husband, Christophe, came up with the idea to model the new Clementine after French “traiteurs” a place where a bunch of different little shops sell different items under one collective roof.

“It was what my husband grew up with in Cannes, France,” Jennifer said. “If you wanted to go buy baguettes, you can go to one little shop, if you needed to buy poultry or meat, you could go to another little shop next door.”

Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Café now features a café, deli, patisserie, boutique and spacious dinning area under one roof.

When you step into Clementine, the first thing you will see is the boutique. Filled with products from Mediterranean countries that inspired the concept of Clementine such as France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco, you will find something truly unique for yourself or for a friend.

“There are so many beautiful and unique items we sell at the boutique that are $12-20,” Jennifer said. “Many customers tell me that this is their 'go-to' spot for the perfect hostess gift or an affordable present for a friend or a teacher. Our giftcards are so popular and I like to tie them onto a bottle of our French Clementine Rose for a truly unique presentation.”

For breakfast at the café, Jennifer suggests ordering the pressed breakfast Panini and Nespresso coffee. The Panini, which features egg, shredded Gruyere cheese and cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, sausage and bacon on Ciabatta bread is sure to satisfy the hungriest person’s early morning appetite.

The world-class patisserie shop features fresh baguettes baked throughout the day, and delicious desserts such as petit fours, puff pastry, fruit tarts, éclairs, lemon meringue tarts, bread pudding, fresh croissants, among other desserts are enticingly displayed in large cases.

At the deli, you will find a variety of delicious entrees, meats and side dishes. You can call in your order and have it already waiting for you at the take-away counter, pick out a ready-made meal.

Among the many healthy and delicious items you can find at the deli are beet salad, kale salad, shaved Brussels sprout salad, Ratatouille, grilled asparagus, marinated artichoke and stuffed eggplant. The most famous is the Quiche Lorraine.

“It’s Christophe’s grandmother’s recipe with a hand-made crust,” Jennifer said. “It involves a double baking process that creates a deep dish quiche with a custard-like consistency. It’s amazing and we can barely keep it stocked!"

The popular pasta bar showcases the talent and creativity of Chef Christophe. There are five types of pasta, five different sauces and eleven add-ons that you can mix and match and have Chef Christophe cook in front of you. All of the sauces and salad dressing are made from scratch in house, Jennifer said.

The newest and least-known specialties at Clementine, Sangria and European Tapas, are served from 3pm to 6pm.

To create the two different varieties of Sangrias, Chef Gavin Grabe uses authentic Spanish recipes from his time spent living in Mallorca, Spain. There are also a variety of European Tapas to choose from such as gazpacho shots, marinated olives, Spanish tortillas, falafel and hummus, saucisson and cornichons or “salami and mini French pickle” and more.

Jennifer added that even though Clementine is only open from 8am to 6pm, special event dinners could be held there. The event would be catered entirely by Clementine and what makes the event so special is that they turn off all the lights and light all of the candles and chandeliers so that the dinner is intimate and unforgettable.

The Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Café mission statement is “Anyone who enters Clementine arrives a stranger and leaves a friend.” Anyone who goes to Clementine will no longer be a stranger, because as their number one ranking on Trip Advisor in Coachella Valley and four-and-a-half star reviews on Yelp suggest, they’ll keep going back.

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