Chez Pierre Re-opens for the Season

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Closeups of Chef Pierre Pelech's newly built, old-style brick oven and some freshly baked bread that he serves at his restaurant, Chez Pierre.

Chef Pierre Pelech

On Friday, September 14, Chef Pierre Pelech, owner of Chez Pierre Bistro, opened his doors to a big crowd for the season re-opening of his restaurant.

“I have a lot of regulars, many are foodies,” Pelech said. “They are very excited for the season re-opening.”

The reason behind the season re-opening for Chez Pierre Bistro is that Pelech closes the restaurant every summer and re-opens it for the fall and winter seasons.

While his restaurant is closed, he takes the opportunity to travel the world and gain ideas for new cuisines to share with his hungry guests. This summer, Pelech did some wine tasting in Napa Valley and Oregon. “It’s a tough job,” he laughed. “I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years.”

Something new that Pelech did this summer was build an old-style, brick oven in his backyard so that he can bake fresh bread for his customers. “I make my own sausages and pates,” Pelech said. “Everything I cook with is fresh, I am a pain in the neck about food quality.”

Everything that will be served at Chez Pierre Bistro this season is planned out week by week by Pelech. “I buy all of my produce from farmer’s markets,” he said. “I go to a wonderful farmer’s market in Palm Desert every Wednesday and in La Quinta Sunday to see what they have there. “

Pelech says he features two menus at Chez Pierre, a regular menu and a weekly specials menu that is hand-written on a blackboard and features the freshly bought, seasonal ingredients from the farmer’s markets and the herbs he grows himself at his restaurant.

“If something feeds my fancy, I’ll do it,” Pelech said. One special that was featured on Friday’s re-opening to much success and popularity was an appetizer featuring baby octopus.

“I’m 72 years-old and I love what I do,” Pelech said. “I’m excited to go back to work every day.”

Judging from the success of Friday’s season re-opening, his customers are excited as well.

For more information see Chez Pierre's page here.