Lulu Celebrates Anniversary with Charity Donation

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Lulu California Bistro recently celebrated its first anniversary by pledging to donate 50 percent of all receipts to charity.

Lulu California Bistro

On Wednesday, August 22, Lulu California Bistro celebrated its first anniversary. In celebration of Lulu’s first anniversary, owners, Barbara and Jerry Keller, and general manager, Willie Rhine, brainstormed on different ways they could celebrate the milestone.

Should they throw a party for the loyal customers who frequent the restaurant, throw a party for the big staff of 300 who work for the restaurant and its catering business, or throw a party for the community that welcomed and embraced them since they opened its doors?

The Kellers and Rhine decided it would be best to give back to the community that has supported them from day one. Together, they picked the two biggest foundations with the biggest staff in Palm Springs, The Desert Aids Project and the Palm Springs Art Museum to support.

All day on August 22, 50 percent of all breakfast, lunch and dinner receipts were donated to these two foundations.

According to Rhine the day started off a bit slow. “It was quieter in the day because of the crazy rain,” he said, “Lunch was light.” But business soon picked up after the dreary weather subsided. “Dinner was busy from 3 O’clock on,” Rhine said.

In total, Lulu California Bistro will be donating $4,000 to each charity, which is more than half of the sales from August 22, Rhine said. According to Rhine, Lulu regularly gives donations to various charities, foundations and organizations around Palm Springs in the form of gift cards for raffles, and catering events for free. Other organizations that have benefitted donations from Lulu California Bistro are museums, the Jewish Family Service of the Desert and the LGBT community.

“Part of success is giving,” said Rhine. And a part of Lulu’s success is being an active member of the community. “We couldn’t do it without a great relationship with the community,” Rhine said. “We learned this from 8 years of operating Acqua Pazza, California Bistro.”

For more information, visit Lulu California Bistro/Acqua Pazza California Bistro's page here.