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September’s Sweetest Spa Deals

Experience the very best of Greater Palm Springs’ spas at a bargain price.

Carolyn Patten Health & Wellness

The desert’s spas are justly known as some of the most soothing and luxurious in Southern California, and that excellence often carries a hefty price tag. But savvy spagoers know that —depending on the month, the day of the week, and the spa — there are great deals to be had on rejuvenating facials, tension-relieving massages, and lush body treatments.

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Love at First Brush

It may be one of the smallest salons on earth, but Barry Nadeau makes his customers feel like queen for a day.

Wendy Duren Health & Wellness, Valley

BEAUTY The Gallery Building on North Palm Canyon Drive has seen more than a few transformations since it served as the El Mirador Hotel’s garage. The chauffeurs who once bunked upstairs are gone, as are the gas station and the art gallery, to say nothing of the glamorous hotel across the street, long since made over into Desert Regional Medical

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A Philosophy of the Life Lived Autonomously

We are in the world, a manifestation of possibility, a subject of the world as we find it, on its terms.

Arnold Siegel Health & Wellness

Deep in our own nervous systems are ancient brain regions that support the reflexive primal response of aroused lower animals as well as our own, say mainstream scientists. This first response to anything sensed by the animal is almost always fearful, anxious and antagonistic or aggressive. According to the scientists, what makes it neurologically possible for humans to transcend this

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When We Are at Our Best

When we put our ego-function to use authentically, we are free to create a life of our own design and able to enjoy it.

Arnold Siegel Health & Wellness

Being at our best is far from easy. We’ve much to do to fulfill this intention. There are cognitive and pragmatic tools to acquire, discipline to develop, principles to stand for, nerve and heart to put to the test, sympathetic consideration to extend and love and kindness to bestow.  Excluding dire circumstances, what gets in the way of the accomplishment

arnold siegel

Grab the Bull by the Horns

Autonomy and life is a performance and more than that, it is an enterprise.

Arnold Siegel Health & Wellness

Despite the political rancor that dominates the news and seeps into our cognitive, communicative and emotive experience, it is important to remember that we are all Americans and we share the right and the burden of autonomy and life. Autonomy and life is a performance and more than that, it is an enterprise. In recent years, this American enterprise has

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Bargain Pampering

From body scrubs to facials, Greater Palm Springs spas are offering high-ticket items for discounted prices in August.

Carolyn Patten Health & Wellness, The Guide

Famous for innovative, high-end (and often high-priced) beauty treatments, the desert’s luxury spas are promoting some of the best values of the year this month, with significant savings. La Quinta Resort & Club’s Spa La Quinta offers its Signature Massage for $125 (normally $170), Tuesday through Friday. The rubdown is customized for each client’s preferences, with varying techniques and pressures

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Primary Colors

Think of it like building a house: You have to work from the ground up.

Wendy Duren 111 East, Health & Wellness

BEAUTY If the slew of texts I received from girlfriends recently are any indication, the average and even occasional makeup wearer has questions about makeup primers. How do I use this stuff? What’s this supposed to do for me? Is the extra step worth it? Which primer do you suggest? This behind-the-scenes product seems to be everywhere you look. Cosmetics


The Rewarding Life

An interview with Arnold Siegel.

Site Staff Health & Wellness

Arnold Siegel , founder of Autonomy and Life, is an ongoing contributor to Palm Springs Life’s Health and Wellness content via his bi-monthly blog . Through Autonomy and Life’s comprehensive classes, Siegel has helped empower more than 5,000 individuals with the freedom to create and live healthy, satisfying and productive lives of their own design. Siegel didn’t start his career

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Prescription for Movement

Scott Cole's success on the national stage brought him to the desert, where he continues to help people find a pain-free existence.

Nicole Borgenicht Health & Wellness

Scott Cole has trained celebrities like Christian Bale and Barry Manilow. He’s appeared in Abs of Steel 2 for Men, and created his own DVD series, Discover Tai Chi, which has sold more than 1 million copies. It was his success on the national stage that also brought him to the desert in the late 1980s. “When I won the

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The Summer Rubdown Run-Down

Spa specials keep pace with Greater Palm Springs temperatures.

Carolyn Patten Health & Wellness

Summer truly is spa specials season in the desert, with significant deals available on posh body treatments, from massages to wraps to facials. Book a special and spend a few extra hours reclining in the spa’s steam room or catching some rays by the pool. In downtown Palm Springs, Rock Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs is promoting