Explore Palm Springs: When Men Wore Shorts

Shorts were not always the fashion, especially for men.

Renee Brown History

As the days of summer grow longer and hotter, shorts become a fashion staple for both men’s and women’s clothing in Palm Springs. But it wasn’t always that way, according to Frances Bigelow, the first director of the Palm Springs Historical Society. According to an article she wrote in the April 1955 edition of the Palm Springs Villager magazine, local

frank bogert

Explore Palm Springs: Mayor Frank Bogert

The real-life cowboy was the first mayor of Palm Springs to be elected.

Renee Brown History

Palm Springs’ most famous cowboy, Frank Bogert, served the city of Palm Springs as mayor twice — from 1958-1966 and again from 1982-1988. When he served his first term, he was elected as a city councilman and then appointed by his fellow councilmen as the mayor. In 1982, Bogert was elected after the city put the position on the ballot.


Be Like Water

A meditation in five parts.

David Ulin History, Valley

_ There is a photograph that captures the genesis of modern Southern California, the very instant the region comes into recognizable focus, the instant the place takes shape. The date is Nov. 5, 1913, and the image portrays William Mulholland speaking from a raised platform decorated in bunting as he dedicates the first Los Angeles Aqueduct. This is the moment

josh homme

Desert Dreamers 3

Whether through dancing, singing, painting, or playing, their lives and art reflect our valley.

Maggie Downs History, Valley

One of the stories often told about Palm Springs’ early history (a story like many others with one foot in the truth and the other hovering somewhere near it) is that the valley was a magnet to Hollywood celebrities because many of them had a clause in their contracts forbidding them to travel farther than 120 miles from their studios.

Desert Dreamers

Desert Dreamers 2

For these pioneers, it went beyond civic pride. It became their mission in life.

Maggie Downs History

Back in 1917, the Palm Springs locals didn’t even blink when they saw a woman clad in bib overalls and covered in grease. That was just Zaddie Bunker, proprietor of Bunker’s Garage, a woman who knew how to fix cars. She had a certificate to prove it because she learned her trade in a correspondence course. After her husband left

william f cody

Desert Dreamers

They didn’t see emptiness. They only saw possibility.

Maggie Downs History

“There are two deserts,” Randall Henderson wrote in 1937 for his first Desert Magazine letter from the editor. “One is a grim, desolate wasteland. It is the home of venomous reptiles and stinging insects, of vicious thorn-covered plants and trees, and of unbearable heat. This is the desert seen by the stranger speeding along the highway, impatient to be out

easter service

Century of Service

Palm Springs marks its 100th Sunrise Easter celebration April 16 at O’Donnell Golf Course.

Marcia Gawecki History

There are many sunrise Easter services in Southern California, including those held in Riverside, Los Angeles, and Idyllwild, but only Palm Springs has been celebrating it on a golf course continuously for the past 100 years. Former Palm Springs Mayor William Kleindienst was asked by a member of the Our Savior Lutheran Church in Palm Springs to give this 100th

gene autry

Explore Palm Springs: Los Angeles Angels

Owner Gene Autry takes the team out on a bike ride around Palm Springs.

Renee Brown History

Gene Autry, co-owner of the Los Angeles Angels, led the way as his baseball team embarked on a bicycle workout Feb. 22, 1962, from the Gene Autry Hotel (now the Parker Palm Springs) to the Polo Grounds, later to be named Palm Springs Angel Stadium. Once the team arrived at the stadium and began batting practice, Manager Bill Rigney blew

Bob Hope Desert Classic

Explore Palm Springs: Bob Hope Desert Classic Ball

This star-studded event brought in performers like Jack Benny and Joey Heatherton with proceeds earmarked for Eisenhower Medical Center and others.

Renee Brown History

In January of 1974, Bob Hope announced the celebrities Jack Benny, Joey Heatherton, and Charro, would perform at the Bob Hope Desert Classic Ball in February at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs. Members of the “Up with People” troupe composed of high school and college student from across the United States and 20 foreign countries would also entertain. The

roy rogers

Explore Palm Springs: Roy Rogers

Popular TV cowboy attends first meeting of his largest fan club.

Renee Brown History

The desert area chapter of Roy Rogers Riders, one of the largest in the country, held its first meeting at the Plaza Theatre on Jan. 14, 1950. The Desert Sun published an official entry blank for all local children who were interested in attending the meeting to fill out. The first meeting was attended by Roy Rogers, himself. The regular