spanish walk

Walk This Way

Old World Spanish flair and free-flowing layouts enliven the new homes of Sonrisa Encore that are currently under construction in Palm Desert.

Lawrence Karol Home & Design, Real Estate

The popular Palm Desert community of Spanish Walk is continuing its expansion with the addition of the Sonrisa Encore collection — 54 attached homes with duplex designs and flexible living spaces. The houses are being offered by D.R. Horton, which was founded in 1978 and builds a diverse selection of home styles in 27 states. Located at the intersection of

outdoor furnishings

Patio People

An evolution of poolside lounging, from postwar to present day.

Shelly Cannon 111 East, Home & Design, Real Estate

It was a confluence of optimism, confidence, and hope. The end of World War II brought a renewed embrace of the American Dream. In the postwar boom of suburban housing and babies, people aspired to more: to get married, to own a home, to start a family. Living well in suburbia was an end in itself. Planned communities and tract

mirada estates

On Top of the World

This expansive, custom-built home at Mirada Estates in Rancho Mirage has a luxurious interior—and then there are those views.

Lawrence Karol Home & Design, Real Estate, Valley

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that the future owners of 45 Sky Ridge Road in Rancho Mirage will feel like they’re sitting on top of the world. Located in Mirada Estates, the nearly 6,600-square-foot, four-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom home enjoys panoramic views of the valley and was dubbed “Star Point”. You’ll not only feel like you’re close enough


City Vibe Meets Desert Calm

Local architect Lance O’Donnell designed four sleek condominiums just steps from Palm Desert’s El Paseo shopping district.

Lawrence Karol Home & Design, Real Estate

Aladdin on Shadow Mountain sounds like it could be the title of a fun, new Disney film. In actuality, what’s been conjured up just a couple of blocks south of El Paseo in Palm Desert are four stylish, contemporary condominiums. “Aladdin is more than just condominiums,” says Richard Bartholomew, real estate agent for the project along with Gregg Fletcher, both


Cabin Fever

When it gets too hot for comfort, these mountain men head for the hills.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

An Idyllwild cabin is nothing like a boat. A boat is a lot of work and expense for a rarely used toy. It’s best to know a friend who has a boat — one who sends free-flowing invitations to his fancy schmancy sailing parties. A cabin promises minimal work and strong value for a nearby retreat you can use year-round.

Luis Barragán

Pink Actually

A notable architect inspires a custom paint job.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

A vivid pink home might seem shocking when set upon the landscape of North Palm Springs. Yet Bill Nicholson’s authentic modern abode built in 1946 wore pink as its first coat of paint. Across the decades, the two-level stucco home that features an unusual second-floor suite above the kitchen has been painted over — and over. Nicholson completed a renovation


Step on it

The founder of Los Angeles–based Lindstrom Rugs stays grounded with art underfoot.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

A former interior designer, an artist at heart, and the son of an architect, Erik Lindstrom jumped ship from his design career seven years ago to establish Lindstrom Rugs. He has never looked back. Only down. “I wanted to focus on one thing I really loved and that was rugs,” he says. His Los Angeles–based company offers room-altering works hand-knotted

eldorado stone

Not Born 
in a Barn

New architectural veneers reclaim the reclaimed wood trend.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

Eldorado Stone has three reasons for impersonating an upcycled material: longevity, ease of installation, and hassle-free upkeep. As a more than 45-year manufacturer of believable stone and brick veneers, the company tricks the eye while saving homeowners time and headaches. The new Vintage Ranch collection, though made of concrete, captures the character and warmth of classic American barn wood —


Fly Me To Brazil

Who needs a silver jet when you’re sitting in one of Tidelli Outdoor Living’s Painho chairs.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design

Or just let me lounge in a chair designed and made there. Let me rest for a long, long time with a caipirinha in one hand, a fan in the other, and a Post-it on my forehead that reads “Rio or bust.” Who needs a silver jet when you’re sitting in one of Tidelli Outdoor Living’s Painho chairs? Fully handmade,

architectural blue

Green Acres

A new garden complex taking shape in Palm Springs will feature everything from swimming pools to a nursery, a learning center, and a café.

Lawrence Karol Home & Design, Real Estate

Architectural Blue, a Palm Springs-based company that builds and designs outdoor spaces, recently broke ground on an innovative new center that will be a one-stop shopping experience for backyard aficionados. Known as Garden, the complex will house new offices for Architectural Blue as well as a nursery, outdoor showcases, a café, and lots more. “When working with my clients over