desert rocks

Cool Climbing Haven

When the temps rise, Desert Rocks offers climbers a cool place to learn the ropes or hone their climbing skills.

Julie Pendray Attractions, The Guide

The rush can be addictive: The adrenaline of uncertainty. The triumph of success. Will you reach the next handhold? Can you make it to the top? It’s a long way down. The sun is blazing. Your hands are sweating. The fear, excitement, and total-body workout challenge every bit of trust in yourself, your gear, and your partner. Scaling to success


Rise and Shine in Greater Palm Springs

Summertime means dawn patrol for the desert’s active set.

Steven Biller Attractions, The Guide

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to enjoy the great outdoors in the desert summer. We’ve been there, done that, and discovered beauty most people never see. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Remember to dress light, take water, give yourself breaks, and plan to finish by 10 a.m. Here we go. Lace up for

father's day

5 Golf Gadgets for Dad

Your father doesn’t need to be a tech genius to put one of these Father's Day gifts into play to lower his score.

Thomas Meagher Golf, The Guide, Watch & Listen - Sports & Outdoors

Father’s Day reminds Molly Faris of why she loves golf. When her father sold his business and moved the Faris family to a small Northern Illinois town, Molly began cutting her teeth on a nearby nine-hole golf course. Since his passing, she still returns to that same golf course, — now 18 holes — and she can’t help but be

holiday house

Cool Blue

Holiday House retains its 1951 roots while making shift from hotel to destination.

Anthony Grant Hotels & Resorts, The Guide

If the triumphant return of the 28-room Holiday House hotel does nothing else, it confirms the ascension of the historic Tennis Club district of downtown Palm Springs to the height of the desert’s boutique hotel firmament. Of course, the hotel was there all along, but now it’s been spruced up like never before. When it opened as a single-story hotel back

joshua tree

Get Elevated

Of the many things that often sharply defines a valley are the mountains that surround it. And we have some of the best. Get ready to ascend.

Site Staff Day Trips, The Guide

Easy switchbacks on a two-lane highway lead to Idyllwild, a mile-high community that’s big on rustic. Nestled in the heart of the San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild is close to the desert but feels like it’s a world away. The pine trees grow tall and lanky. The air is snappy. It’s cozy. Stroll through local shops to pick up gifts for