july 2016 horoscope

July 2016 Horoscopes

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july 2016 horoscope

July 23–Aug. 22
Space creates solutions. How can they miss you if you won’t go away? Let go and let God in a power struggle. You win when it no longer matters. Retreat is right.

Aug. 23–Sept. 22
Take a feeling of childlike helplessness and turn it into unabashed lightheartedness and a quest for fun. Opening the heart brings a distraction that is actually a solution. Intuition trumps intellect.

Sept. 23–Oct. 22
A no-nonsense yet nurturing image is the tipping point for a lengthy consideration. Kindly state your Truth and withdraw. Beign right is smoother when there’s no “I told you so.”

Oct. 23–Nov. 21
A long-term goal is in sight; significant others await your requests. Others willingly share resources that enrich the original plan. You can afford benificence.

Nov. 22–Dec. 21
Scorpio lessons teach the futility of desire. Jupiterian Sag is a lucky child by nature, but sometimes burns with excessive wants. Bigger is not better. Invest in the greater good.

Dec. 22–Jan. 19
Pluto resides with the goat, and death and rebirth proliferate. Kill it before it kills you. This facilitates the rebirth that will be your lucky charm.

Jan. 20–Feb. 18
You are held captive in an intimate situation. Your emotional reactive habit patterns demand radical change; a herculean task. You can’t control the out of the control.

Feb. 19–March 20
An analytical friend contributes a fresh perspective. A recent health resolution shows results. You are on a roll. It’s not diet or exercise. It’s a lifestyle choice.

March 21–April 19
Playtime becomes tedious as you are distracted by the to-do list. Why not dive in and git’er done? A domestic update is necessary for effective forward motion.

April 20–May 20
Recent travels have emphasized the need for a broader perspective. Create deadlines for impending decisions. Cogitating on a potential speculative venture boosts smarts.

May 21–June 20
Excess weighs more than usual. Rein in your desire and transform your capacity for creativity. Your image should be as strong as your work. A short trip re-animates.

June 21–July 22
Knowing history will avoid repetition of false attempts. Create a new response to stress. A positive philosophy needs application and causes seemingly unprecedented “luck.” But you know better — it’s mental work.

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