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Mark Goodson moved to Palm Springs five years ao and spent 17 years staging homes in Dallas.
Mark Godson

• Home Stager
• Britannia Interiors, Palm Springs

Mark Godson talks to dead houses. “I’m the house whisperer,” the successful home stager says. Owner of Britannia Interiors and a native of England, Godson studied design at the Chelsea School of Arts in London. Before moving to Palm Springs five years ago, he spent 17 years staging homes in Dallas, where his most famous project involved reimagining the “opulent palace” of the late cosmetics queen Mary Kay.

Rather than walk into a space and impose a particular design aesthetic, Godson has “no formula,” but instead stays “true to the home style,” whatever that may be. And his approach works. After Godson reimagined a house in Rancho Mirage that had been dwindling on the market for two years, it sold in 30 days.

People “want to buy a lifestyle,” Godson believes, and they “can’t picture themselves in an empty house.” But they can picture themselves in a furnished home. Not only do the buildings sell, but so too do the furniture, the art, and the objects he chooses. “Everything,” he claims, “but the toothbrush.”

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