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Desert Dreamers 4: The Sports Stars

They came; they saw blue skies, perfect weather, and endless possibilities for indulging their sporting passions.

Kent Black History, Valley

From the beginning, Palm Springs has always been a sporty place. People first came because the dry desert air was good for the lungs (actually, its clean air, devoid of pollution, helps people with conditions like asthma), but it wasn’t long before the sports-minded crowd followed with their tennis rackets, golf clubs, polo mallets, and hiking staffs. Nellie Coffman laid


Explore Palm Springs: When Men Wore Shorts

Shorts were not always the fashion, especially for men.

Renee Brown History

As the days of summer grow longer and hotter, shorts become a fashion staple for both men’s and women’s clothing in Palm Springs. But it wasn’t always that way, according to Frances Bigelow, the first director of the Palm Springs Historical Society. According to an article she wrote in the April 1955 edition of the Palm Springs Villager magazine, local

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Desert Dreamers 3

Whether through dancing, singing, painting, or playing, their lives and art reflect our valley.

Maggie Downs History

One of the stories often told about Palm Springs’ early history (a story like many others with one foot in the truth and the other hovering somewhere near it) is that the valley was a magnet to Hollywood celebrities because many of them had a clause in their contracts forbidding them to travel farther than 120 miles from their studios.